Daniel Levy 'The Voice of the Piano'

Levy's stunning series of classical music recordings celebrating his 25th anniversary as a recording artist is available today in CD, FLAC and MP3 format.

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New CD Release: Daniel Levy 'Beethoven Piano Sonatas'

Daniel Levy's latest CD is now available. Levy's performance of a selection of Beethoven Piano Sonatas has been described by the critic Bernard Jacobson as "...
not merely brilliant pianism but–more of a rarity–revelatory music-making". 

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New Release: Daniel Levy 'Meditation'

Daniel Levy's latest CD 'Meditation' is now available. A beautiful CD recorded live during a concert in the Chiesa della Misericordia in Ascona, Switzerland.

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Watercolours by Marga Baigorria 

A selection of beautiful watercolours by the artist Marga Baigorria. These extraordinary works are highly suggestive and convey a sense of harmony and positivity.

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Buy 'Euphony The Sound of Life' Today


Shop now for Daniel Levy's fascinating and pioneering book on the incredible effects of sound on the human psyche. 

"One can only unreservedly recommend this book to all genuine seekers of Self recognition through Sound and Silence." Peter Harrison, Watkins Books

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The Seven Tones of Balance 

A collection of eight CDs that enable the listener to achieve self-awareness, actively and consciously, through tonal resonance, silences and melodies. Composed and performed by the pianist Daniel Levy.

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Album 'The Power of Love' 

'The Power of Love' is a sensational album of Lyric Improvisations created and performed by the pianist Daniel Levy.

The album is available to purchase now in CD, FLAC and MP3 320 kbps format.

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Euphony The Sound of Life

Sales price: 25,00 €


Author: Daniel Levy
Language: English
Also available in Italian and Spanish
Format: paperback
Other format available: eBook (PDF)

Euphony – The Sound of Life by Daniel Levy is a pioneering book that, since its initial publication in 1986, has represented an essential text in the discovery of the world of Sound and Music.
The book deals with the effects of sound on the human being, offering a detailed analysis of the meaning and function of music, its great potential as a Science/Art, and the reasons why it is a golden key to the knowledge of ourselves and of the universe.

"Today there is a proliferation of books purporting to be on sound (particularly through mantra) therapeutics. These are often patchy, poorly researched, particularly regarding the pronunciation of Sanskrit mantras, and productive of mood rather than true transformation. It is therefore a refreshing pleasure to come across Daniel Levy's book, which treats the essence of Sound, acoustics of the Self, the relationship between Sound and Space. Resonance, Vibration, Harmony and the experience of Self both in sound and, perhaps more importantly, in silence.
One can only acknowledge Levy's devotion and breadth of understanding of this vital expression of our Being and unreservedly recommend this book to all genuine seekers of Self recognition through Sound and Silence."
"Whoever has the good fortune to read Daniel Levy's Euphony: The Sound of Life, will find in this book the key that, by opening our inner door, leads us to harmonic knowledge of ourselves, and teaches us, through musical movements of the Self, how to use the best of our personality by following biological rhythms and the relationships which exist between sound and the psychophysical organism in each of us."
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